A Safe Distance

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David Mihalyov
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Main Street Rag
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Mihalyov paints a haunted canvas with great restraint– “The first morning, a dead porcupine / on the side of the road.” In these poems, the water whispers, a lone goose screams. A couple wishes they believed in something greater to quell the panic. This poet is too aware of a hollow-backed, long-tailed thing slipping into the creek beside him to stare at the sky for answers. A Safe Distance is a thrilling debut. ~Barrett Warner

What I admire in Maxine Kumin’s poems I find in abundance in David Mihalyov’s A Safe Distance: an intimate observance of seemingly ordinary things rendered into arresting lyrics. “Burrow[ing] deeper” beneath suburban routines we may assume we know or dismiss outright, these are instructive poems of great tenderness−toward aged parents whose failings the narrator yearns to forgive; toward a soft-bellied crab stranded on rocks; toward farm boys reinvented as World War II’s killing machines; and, perhaps, even the commuter who passes by a “cut-rate Jesus . . . holding a cardboard sign telling us he was a vet, homeless and hungry.” I am grateful for poems that do not overreach, and within that circumference of rare authenticity, achieve an exquisite humaneness. A Safe Distance is such a collection. ~Alison Meyers

David Mihalyov lives near Lake Ontario in Webster, NY, with his wife, two daughters, and beagle. His poems and short fiction have appeared in the Concho River Review, Dunes Review, Free State Review, New Plains Review, San Pedro River Review, and other journals. He works at SUNY Brockport, where he received his BA in Communications and MA in English, and volunteers at Writers & Books, a literary arts center based in Rochester.